Finding Contractors

The experts say to get 3 bids for any home improvement project to make sure you’re getting the right deal. What they don’t say is how long it takes – an average of 9 leads and 8 hours. Let us do the legwork for you - all you have to do is meet with us when it's all done to review the quotes and make your choice.

  • Development of project description documents so all bids are based on the same scope of work
  • Contractor license, review, and reference checks
  • Contractor bid procurement, including in-home consultation meetings
  • Bid review and comparison

The contractor is one (crucial) part of your overall renovation team, working in concert with you, the city officials, and all the other professionals needed for your project. Naturally, the success of any team lies in how well everyone works together. Our unique client-contractor matching service is designed to create high-performing teams of experts that share your values and vision for your house.

The fee for this service is $450-650

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