Remodel Planning

Get your dream home improvement project off the ground and running. We believe an honest assessment of your needs and wants up front is essential to crafting a good action plan. As an added bonus, this early planning is proven to reduce overall project time, cost, and stress.

  • Assessment of existing conditions
  • In-depth review of family and project goals
  • Distinguishing between needs and wants
  • Exploration of project options – alternate design approaches, material choices, cost saving opportunities
  • Assessment of which professionals are needed: general contractors, specialty contractors, designers, architects, and any other expertise the project might need
  • Realistic budget development
  • Target schedule layout

It’s also important to understand how your life will be affected during the construction. This phase is only temporary, but it will inevitably be a disruption. Good planning can turn it from a nightmare into an adventure.

  • Discussion of living onsite vs moving out during the remodel
  • Review of environmental safety concerns, especially if children or pets are involved. Risks like lead, asbestos, and VOCs, not to mention physical hazards like open walls, all need mitigation plans.
  • Decision on DIY vs. hiring contractors
  • Expectations about contractors, including hours, cleanliness , facility use, and parking

The fee for this service is dependent on the project. Please call for a free consultation.

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